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26 August 2016: Field and Frame: Bea Haut, Jenny Baines & Laura Hindmarsh


Having shared a studio for two years; Bea Haut, Jenny Baines and Laura Hindmarsh here bring together their respective film work, using the screening as a conversation between the individual works and a chance to examine the echoes, absorptions and outcomes of their interlacing practices. Serving as a continuation of an ongoing dialogue that started in the studio with no specific mediated outcome, this programme is a reflection of the open situation and interrelation between approaches over the past two years. Exploring the outer reaches of the film frame, analogue processes and projection structures, these three artists take the subjective as pivotal.

Bea Haut, Jenny Baines and Laura Hindmarsh will participate in a Q&A session hosted by Kim Knowles

Bush, Bea Haut, 2011, B/W, 3’30 min, 16mm
Abject Noise, Bea Haut, 2014, B/W, 3’40 min, 16mm
Defenestration, Bea Haut, 2015, B/W, 4’40 min, 16mm
Pending, Bea Haut, 2016, B/W, 2’50 min, 16mm *

Self Registration, Laura Hindmarsh, 2015, B/W, 2’5 min, 16mm
Finding Focus, Laura Hindmarsh, 2016, B/W, 4 min, 16mm
Woman with Man with Mirror, Laura Hindmarsh, 2016, Colour, 10 min, Super 8 *

Untitled (#1 25/25 x 10/4), Jenny Baines, 2016, B/W, 2’40 min, 16mm **
Untitled (Insertional), Jenny Baines, 2014, B/W, 2’55 min, 16mm **
Untitled (Action across frames #2), Jenny Baines, 2013, B/W, 1’30min, 16mm
Untitled (The distance between), Jenny Baines, 2016, B/W, 2’40 min, 16mm **

**double screen

Laura Hindmarsh lives and works between London and Australia. Working across the disciplines of drawing, performance, photography and film her practice interrogates mechanisms of image production to the point of exhaustion.

Bea Haut is an artist who works primarily with 16mm film in an expanded form. Manifesting as sculpture, installations and projections her works allude to perceptions of inter-related moments, spaces, and actions in between. During the 90s she worked with Loophole Cinema, and recently has been producing Analogue Recurring, a 16mm screening event in London. She is a co-founder of Film in Process, which is an artist-run service for B/W 16mm processing in the UK.

Jenny Baines is an artist working predominantly with 16mm film. She performs repeated, often absurd actions for the camera, pushing the limitations of the mechanism and her own physical endurance. Her looped and double-screen films explore the out-of-frame as a space of potential for continued action.

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