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6 March 2016: That a Thing Once Happened Has Happened for Always


"Film again proves itself capable of delivering wonder and mystery and the complexity of being." – Gareth Evans

This unique programme curated by Ute Aurand and Peter Todd brings together eight of their films all shown on 16mm. The programme also celebrates the work of the late, great Orcadian filmmaker and poet Margaret Tait, whom they both knew. Whitechapel film curator Gareth Evans will introduce the evening followed by Q&A with Aurand and Todd.

The Leaden Echo and the Golden EchoMargaret Tait, 1955, 7 min, 16mm
Room Window Sea SkyPeter Todd, 2014, 3 min, 16mm
Am MeerUte Aurand, 1994, 3 min, 16mm
We SawPeter Todd, 2009, 4 min, 16mm
Im Park
Ute Aurand, 2009, 4 min, 16mm
Peter Todd, 2012, 9 min, 16mm
A Walk
Ute Aurand, 2009, 3 min, 16mm
Morley College
(from Three Films from the Room) 2105, Peter Todd, 3 min, 16mm
4 Diamonds
Ute Aurand, 2015, 5 min, 16mm
Garden Pieces
Margaret Tait, 1998, 12 min, 16mm