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8 September 2016: Films of Rhythm and Movement: Lotte Reiniger and Oskar Fischinger

Part of the German Screen Studies Network 4th Annual Symposium "Living Past, Moving Present" – a three days of screenings, workshops and panel discussions exploring German cinema – we will host a programme of films by Lotte Reiniger and Oskar Fischinger. The evening will be introduced by Damien Sanville (Close-Up) and Rachel Palfreyman (University of Nottingham).

The 1920s filmmaker and silhouette animation pioneer, Lotte Reiniger, saw her music and fairy-tale films as modernist experiments in rhythm, form and modern time. This screening and panel discussion brings together selected works from Reiniger including Papageno, Thumbelina, Carmen with the commercial film Here and There, screened alongside Oskar Fischinger’s Studie Nr 8.

Thumbelina, Lotte Reiniger, 1954, 11 min, B/W, 16mm
Not without Licence
, Lotte Reiniger, 1950, 1 min, B/W, Digital
Here and There
, Lotte Reiniger, 1949, 1 min, B/W, 35mm
Studie Nr 8
, Oskar Fischinger, 1931, 5 min, B/W, 35mm
, Lotte Reiniger, 1935, 11 min, B/W, 35mm,
, Lotte Reiniger, 1933, 10 min, B/W, 35mm
, Lotte Reiniger, 1935, 10 min, B/W, 35mm

The post-screening Q&A with Rachel Palfreyman (Univeristy of Nottingham) and Erica Carter (King’s College London), explores how cinematic rhythms have shaped spatio-temporal imaginaries throughout the history of the film medium from the early avant-garde to now.

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