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1 May 2016: William English: Heated Gloves


The uncompromising life of a radical, eccentric inventor is here explored through archival materials and 16mm film. William English will be in conversation with Gareth Evans following the screening.

Heated Gloves
William English
2015 | 120 min | DCP

"Captain Maurice Seddon, an inventor and eccentric in the great English tradition, made electrically heated clothing for 'paraplegics, sclerotics, arthritics, rheumatics, the poor and landscape painters'. The details of his extremely modest, uncompromising way of life are here unpicked through a rich weave of incredible archival TV appearances from around the world (he featured on, amongst others, The David Letterman Show) plus very touching 16mm and mobile phone footage shot by friend and director William English. Heated Gloves evokes Two Years at Sea and Grey Gardens, whilst highlighting the codes of television reportage and remaining in and of itself very special and unique – just like its subject." – William Fowler