Close Up

19 July 2016: Natural World: Jessica Sarah Rinland & Richard T. Walker

The second instalment of Carroll / Fletcher at Close-Up features eight films from two filmmakers – Jessica Sarah Rinland and Richard T. Walker – with a common interest in exploring our relationship with and effect upon the "natural world".

"During the making of Let This Be Us I was thinking a lot about the Kelsey essay Landscape as Not Belonging. Kelsey proposes the idea that over time we have fantasised ourselves into a situation whereby we feel alien to the landscape so that we can then desire to "belong" to the landscape. Of course, we are nature, we are not separate from it; we have just conditioned ourselves to think and act this way. I like thinking about a situation where someone, somewhere, against all odds actually becomes "one" with nature. However, because this would mean breaking down so many of the perceptual boundaries that we have culturally constructed, their existence and sense of self becomes very different." – Richard T. Walker.

Successive Inconceivable Events, Richard T. Walker, 2005, 6’19 min, Digital
Outside the Democracy of Circumstance
, Richard T. Walker, 2008, 2’05 min, Digital
The Hierarchy of Relevance
, Richard T. Walker, 2010, 7’58 min, Digital
Let This Be Us
, Richard T. Walker, 2012, 7’45 min, Digital
An Is That Isn't Always
, Richard T. Walker, 2015, 9’15, Digital
, Jessica Sarah Rinland, Work in Progress, 8 min, 16mm
The Blind Labourer
, Jessica Sarah Rinland, 2016, 26 min, Archive
Not as Old as the Trees
, Jessica Sarah Rinland, 2014, 3 min, Digital

Followed by a Q&A session with Jessica Sarah Rinland

Jessica’s latest film, We Account the Whale Immortal, made in association with Philip Hoare and Edward Sugden, can be seen at Somerset House until 2 October 2016.

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