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9 October 2016: No Place Like Home: The Films of Karen Yasinsky


Edge of Frame presents a programme of films by Karen Yasinsky that highlights the Baltimore-based artist’s use of repetitive, labour-intensive animation processes to explore the unconscious through collective and personal narratives. From early stop-motion puppets inhabiting uncanny reveries, to references to canonical films such as The Wizard of Oz, Au Hazard Balthazar or L'Atalante, Yansinky's animations take place within the realms of memory. In her most recent works, narrative cohesion gives way to a more unconscious collage, creating haunting and compelling poetic compositions.

Karen Yasinsky will participate in Q&A following the screening.

No Place Like Home #1, 1999, 5 min, Digital
, 2002, 2’30 min, Digital
Who’s your True Love?
, 2003 , 7 min, Digital
Le Matin
, 2007, 4’30 min, Digital
Enough to Drive You Mad
, 2009, 2’30 min, Digital
I Choose Darkness
, 2009, 8’30 min, Digital
, 2010, 6 min, Digital
This Room Is White
, 2011, 3’30 min, Digital
Life Is an Opinion, Fire a Fact
, 2012, 10 min, Digital
, 2012, 4 min, Digital
After Hours
, 2013, 9 min, Digital
The Perpetual Motion of my Love for You
, 2015, 9 min, Digital