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7 June 2016: Re-membering the Lost Ones in the Films of Stan Brakhage

LUX presents a screening of Stan Brakhage films, introduced and discussed by Suranjan Ganguly, director of the Stan Brakhage Center in Colorado. This programme and talk will focus on the theme of dissolution and the process of recovering and re-membering the departed in several key films by Stan Brakhage which cover his entire career from Wonder Ring (his very first silent film) to Chinese Series (his very last), drawing on the collection of prints at LUX. They focus on subjects as diverse as the elevated train in New York City, a famous cemetery in Paris, a dead dog and a dead bird, moth wings and nature’s fallen leaves. Some of these films are non-photographed, hand-painted and step-printed.

Autumnal, 1993, 5 min, 16mm
The Wonder Ring, 1955, 6 min, 16mm
Sirius Remembered, 1959, 12 min, 16mm
The Dead, 1960, 11 min, 16mm
Burial Path, 1978, 10 min, 16mm
Mothlight, 1963, 4 min, 16mm
The Garden of Earthly Delights, 1981, 3 min, 16mm
Chinese Series, 2003, 2 min, 16mm
The Dante Quartet, 1987, 7 min, 16mm

Suranjan Ganguly is professor of Film Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA and director of the Stan Brakhage Center. Brakhage was his close friend, colleague, and mentor for many years. Ganguly has just completed editing Brakhage’s interviews and the book will be published by the University Press of Mississippi next year.

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