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17 October 2017: Leningrad Cowboys Go America


Leningrad Cowboys Go America
Aki Kaurismäki
1989 | 78 min | Colour | DCP

“Somewhere in the tundra, in no-man’s land, lives the worst rock’n’roll band in the world, an outfit with no audience and absolutely no commercial potential. And so they decide to bury their national sentiments and go to the United States where people swallow any kind of shit. This film is the story of their journey over the ocean and through the continent, a story of seamy bars and honest folk in the backyards of the Hamburger Nation. Ugly actors, good feelings. Yeah. This parody of Jim Jarmusch (and paean to sullen drunkenness) is the only example in town and the film’s single joke – a band of grotesque European rock musicians discover the New World – happens to be a good one.” – J. Hoberman

Part of our Aki Kaurismäki season