Close Up

19 - 22 May 2017: Chants and Dances for Hand


We’re thrilled to welcome Larry Gottheim to Close-Up to present the world premiere of Chants and Dances for Hand. Produced across twenty-five years Gottheim’s most recent feature extends and refines the avant-garde master's life-long concerns with repetition, anticipation and memory to their zenith.

Your Television Traveler
Larry Gottheim
1991 | 18min | Colour | 16mm

"The history of space, the place of mystery, the mystery of trace, the space of history." – Larry Gottheim

Chants and Dances for Hand
Larry Gottheim
1991-2016 | 42min | Colour | Digital

"There are scenes of Vodou ceremonies in which I participated, scenes filmed during an uprising, personal images (Hand is my son from a Haitian marriage) but this is far from a documentary. There are no sounds other than the sync sounds that accompany the images. The sections devoted to five ceremonies are separated by “Interludes” that introduce other material, some of it threaded throughout. This is a tightly wound network of sonic and visual connections, with secret passages between elements. Thoughts about the relationship between ceremonies and personal and political life can arise, and of spectatorship in and outside of cinema, video and dreams." – Larry Gottheim

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