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1 - 12 January 2018: Holy Motors


Holy Motors

Leos Carax
2012 | 115 min | Colour  & B/W | DCP

"Carax has always favored a loose approach to storytelling that leaves room for digressions and set pieces; here, in his first feature film in over a decade, he adopts an episodic narrative style that affords him plenty of room to express his love of actors, music, cars, women, and above all, cinema. After an evocative prologue featuring the director himself, Denis Lavant takes center stage as a businessman who travels from appointment to mysterious appointment, emerging from his stretch limo as a different person every time, with Monsieur Merde from Tokyo! making a welcome reappearance. Such is the alchemical and generous nature of Carax’s filmmaking that while remaining as repulsive as ever, and ever so slightly frightening, Merde comes to seem not just loveable but perhaps even faintly heroic." – Harvard Film Archive

Part of our season on Leos Carax