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20 September 2017: Land of Silence and Darkness

Land of Silence and Darkness
Werner Herzog
1971 | 88 min | Colour | Digital

“Herzog makes even hothouse cacti and park trees seem unearthly. It’s one of the most powerful of Herzog’s many bottomless mysteries – we watch but we cannot see in; likewise, Fini and her compatriots have no or little knowledge that they are being filmed, or what, in fact, that might mean.” – Michael Atkinson

"The most stripped-down of Herzog’s nonfiction films, and one that he has said he would most like to be available to audiences, Land of Silence and Darkness follows Fini Straubinger, a middle-aged woman who, after losing her sight and hearing in her teens, has spent her life trying to communicate with and help foster understanding on behalf of other deaf and blind people." – San Francisco Museum of Modern Art