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7 June 2017: Adolescence and Poverty


The Experience
Abbas Kiarostami
1973 | 53 min | B/W | Digital

Drawn from personal experiences and written by a key director of Iranian new cinema, Amir Naderi, this was Kiarostami’s first mid-length film."This story of a working-class adolescent, orphaned and impoverished, who works as an errand-boy in a photographer's studio and who falls in love with an older girl from a better-off family, becomes in Kiarostami's hands a real subversion of the 'rules' of a popular sub-genre of Iranian commercial cinema (poor girl loves rich girl). A world away from melodrama, The Experience is constructed using a series of dead times, which are the very devices that give the films its meaning and its poetry." – Alberto Elena

A Suit for the Wedding
Abbas Kiarostami
1976 | 56 min | Colour | Digital

Two young boys ask a friend who works in a tailor's shop to let them wear a new suit especially tailored for a rich man's son, while the shop owner's away. Alberto Elena calls the film a “daring in its treatment of poverty and the breakdown between social classes, more than any other Kiarostami film with the possible exception of The Experience."

Part of our Abbas Kiarostami season