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7 September - 26 October 2017: The Incredible Simultaneity Console


Gordon Shrigley presents The Incredible Simultaneity Console, a season of twenty-eight artists’ film and videos to celebrate ten years of the artists-run DVD publication project Filmarmalade

Featuring works by artists Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler, Jenny Stark, Claudia Joskowicz, Francisca Benitez, James Lowne, Let Me Feel Your Finger First, Patricia Shrigley, Luciano Zubillaga, The Modern Language Experiment, Julia Dogra-Brazell, Ralitza Petrova, Miranda Whall, Kristian De La Riva, Emily Russell, Sara Preibsch, Adam Roberts, Maia Conran, Sasha Litvintseva, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Miranda Pennell, Isabel Mallet, Beth Fox and Sarah Wood.

Programme 1: The Incredible Simultaneity Console I

The Space Between, Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler, 2005, 12 min, Colour, 16mm
The Exception and the Rule, Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler, 2009, 37 min, Colour & B/W, Digital
The Unreliable Narrator, Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler, 2015, 17 min, Colour, Digital

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Programme 2: The Incredible Simultaneity Console II

Two Sunrises, Jenny Stark, 2006, 28 min, Colour, Digital
Music to Watch Dead Girls by, Claudia Joskowicz. 2006, 20 min, Colour, Digital
Preemptive Disappearance, Francisca Benitez, 2003, 14 min, Colour, Digital

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Programme 3: The Incredible Simultaneity Console III

Our Relationships Will Become Radiant, James Lowne, 2011, 9 min, Colour, Digital
Versus, Aukje Dekker, 2006, 10 min, Colour, Digital
Ontologically Anxious Organism, Episode 1, 2 and 3, Let Me Feel Your Finger First, 2010-12, 8 min, Colour, Digital
Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England, Patricia Shrigley, 2007, 7 min, B/W, Digital
A Marvellous Negative Capability, Beth Fox, 2012, 9 min, Colour, Digital
Music for a Missing Film, Luciano Zubillaga, 2009, 29 min, Colour & B/W, Digital

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Programme 4: The Incredible Simultaneity Console IV

Imagining a Re-Synchronizing (The Phantom Twin), The Modern Language Experiment, 2013, 20 min, Colour, Digital
Plot, Julia Dogra-Brazell. 2006, 5 min, Colour, Digital
By the Grace of God, Ralitza Petrova, 2009, 37 min, Colour, Digital
Samuel and I, Miranda Whall, 2005-2006, 2 min, Colour, Digital
Simon and I, Miranda Whall, 2005-2006, 3 min, Colour, Digital
Ladybirds, Miranda Whall, 2005-2006, 4 min, Colour, Digital
Do we Have to Play this Game?, Kristian De La Riva & Emily Russell, 2006, 5 min, B/W, Digital
Cut, Kristian De La Riva, 2009, 3 min, B/W, Digital

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Programme 5: The Incredible Simultaneity Console V

The Beekeeper, Sara Preibsch, 2008, 18 min, Colour, Digital
Late Birds, Sara Preibsch, 2003, 4 min, B/W, Digital
Remake, Adam Roberts, 2011, 30 min, B/W, DCP
Term, Maia Conran, 2012, 7 min, Colour, Digital

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Programme 6: The Incredible Simultaneity Console VI

Evergreen, Sasha Litvintseva, 2014, 49 min, Colour, Digital
The Stability of the System, Sasha Litvintseva & Isabel Mallet, 2016, 18 min Colour, Digital

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Programme 7: The Incredible Simultaneity Console VII

Things to Come, Luciano Zubillaga, 2014, 64 min, Colour, Digital

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Programme 8: The Incredible Simultaneity Console VIII

Co-Operative Explanatory Capabilities in Organizational Design and Personnel Management, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, 2010, 23 min, B&W, Digital
Why Colonel Bunny Was Killed, Miranda Pennell, 2010, 27 min, B/W, Digital
I Am a Spy, Sarah Wood, 2014, 23 min, B/W & Colour, Digital

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