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21 September 2017: The Incredible Simultaneity Console III


Our Relationships Will Become Radiant
James Lowne
2011 | 9 min | Colour | Digital

James Lowne’s Our Relationships will become Radiant, invites us to experience a digital dream, a suffocating demonic landscape where a horse runs without moving, a man vomits black bile, a plate of food oozes with it own sense of purpose, whilst a godlike visage hovers beneficently in the sky. Such uncanny occurence allow Lowne to map out a space of oblique anomie, a world were ephemeral gestures attain meaning only by being endlessly repeated.

Aukje Dekker
2006 | 10 min | Colour | Digital

Aukje Dekker’s Versus, records the artist first kissing then head butting a boxing ball continuously for 10 minutes as a single take performance to camera. Such acts of apparent meaninglessness, allow Dekker to mediate on the status of value in a world without transcendence, which through her acts of banal repetition, create a frame of reference that can ultimately liberate us from the existential void we are all bound to eternally rehearse.

Ontologically Anxious Organism, Episode 1, 2 and 3
Let Me Feel Your Finger First
2010-12 | 8 min | Colour | Digital

Let Me Feel Your Finger First’s Ontologically Anxious Organism, narrates the experience of an animated character, who nervous about the very concept of character itself, disguises himself as a boulder. The three episodes follow the boulders progress through a series of reconstituted cartoon scenes whilst he grapples with existence, meets his maker and finally slips outside of the space of the picture plane to seek the ultimate reference.

Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England
Patricia Shrigley
2007 | 7 min | B/W | Digital

Patricia Shrigley’s Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England, is filmed as a series of portraits which record the imagined YouTube profiles of 5 infamous female criminals. Within each scene Shrigley acts out a hyper-real version of each persona, by re-modeling and padding out her face with clear tape and cotton wadding, allowing us to see the underlying narcissism of each character.

A Marvellous Negative Capability
Beth Fox
2012 | 9 min | Colour | Digital

Beth Fox’s, A Marvellous Negative Capability, records two high camp art critics discussing a work of video art to camera. The work parodies and yet ultimately celebrates, the various forms of metro sexual postmodern contemporary art criticism and its marked tendency to luxuriate in the eternal return of the absurdity of discourse and its many tautological obsessions.

Music for a Missing Film
Luciano Zubillaga
2009 | 29 min | Colour & B/W | Digital

Luciano Zubillaga’s Music For A Missing Film, traces the spiritual and material remnants of the lost film El Huerco made in Venezuela in 1964, through exploring the aesthetics of film restoration, reconstruction and montage in the context of a fading collective memory. The surviving stills from the film along with the original classical score provide a foundation for which Zubillaga creates a complex world of loss, remembrance and interrogation.

James Lowne recently screened work at the Tap Gallery, Southend on Sea, the British Film Institute, London, the BHVU Gallery, London, the Zero Film Festival, Toronto and at Animasivo, Poplar University Museum, Mexico. He was born in the United Kingdom and lives and works in London.

Aukje Dekker recently exhibited work at the Gallery Vriend van Bavink, Amsterdam, the Camden Arts Centre, London, the Venice Biennial and at the Crypt Gallery, London. She was born in Holland and lives and works in Amsterdam.

Let Me Feel Your Finger First recently exhibited work at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, the Royal Academy, London, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London, the Whitechapel Gallery, London and at the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival. He was born in the United Kingdom and lives and works in London.

Patricia Shrigley recently exhibited work at the Changing Room Gallery, London, the Brick Lane Gallery, London and at the Elevator Gallery, London. Her work has also been screened at the Berlinale, Berlin, Opica, Gijón and the Portobello Film Festival, London. She was born in the United Kingdom and currently lives and works in London.

Beth Fox recently recently exhibited work at Divus Gallery, London, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, the Horse Hospital, London and the Bunkhouse Gallery, Madrid. She was born in Ireland and lives and works in London.

Luciano Zubillaga recently exhibited work at the Buenos Aires International Film Festival, the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art and at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London. He was born in Argentina and lives and works in London.

Part of Filmarmalade's Anniversary programme, curated by Gordon Shrigley.