Close Up

28 June 2017: Ian Bourn: Self Portraits and Other Fictions


Carroll / Fletcher Onscreen presents three video works by Ian Bourn, followed by a reading from his ongoing Placement series – an inter-disciplinary project based on autobiographical texts. Ian Bourn will also be in discussion with Felicity Sparrow following the screening.

Ian Bourn
1998 | 46 min | Colour | Digital

A pedestrian road movie set in Leytonstone featuring Grant Lawrence, a travelling salesman, suffering an identity crisis following the break-up of his marriage and a recent trip to Japan: 'Nobody in this business seems to get through it unscathed.'

Sick as a Dog
Ian Bourn
1989 | 25 min | Colour | Digital

In his video and Super8 diaries, Terry Childs addresses the viewer and offers tips on gambling at greyhound races. As the tape progresses it becomes clear that Terry is anything but a successful gambler…

The End of the World
Ian Bourn
1982 | 7 min | Colour | Digital

It’s Sunday afternoon. He is in the still undecorated back room. She is in the garden, soaking up the sun. A cup of tea is called for. The heaven and hell of suburban domesticity: a video game, a deck chair, a cup of tea and a Sunday afternoon.

From 27 June to 8 July, to complement the programme at Close-Up, Carroll / Fletcher Onscreen will be presenting Lenny’s Documentary and Black White & Green. As part of the online presentation, the short story Subjective Interfaces (also from the Placement project series) will be available to download at