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7 February 2017: Mairéad McClean: Rerecorded Pasts


Sheffield Fringe, in association with the Whitechapel Gallery symposium Object! On the Documentary as Art, present the first retrospective screening in London of MAC award-winning Northern Irish artist-filmmaker Mairéad McClean. Presenting work made at the Slade School of Fine Art in 1991 to new and previously unseen films, McClean will be in conversation with Irish art critic and 2013 Turner Prize judge Declan Long.

Mairéad McClean’s films disrupt and restructure past events, highlighting the unreliability of personal and political histories. Using archival footage, sound recordings and film footage she generates herself, McClean opens, re-evaluates and reinterprets material evidence to create a highly personal narrative vantage point of politics and history. This selection of her films addresses the colliding fallibility of both government policy and personal memory, and the impact of this tension on family life and childhood in 1970s Northern Ireland.

Broadcast 32172, 2016, 4 min, B/W, Digital
For the Record
, 2009, 54 min, Colour, Digital
Blue Is the Colour of Distance
, 1991, 3 min, Colour, 16mm
No More
, 2014, 16 min, Colour, Digital

This event is supported by Openvizor and Arts Council England.

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