Close Up

5 September 2017: Non-linear: Magnets


Curated by Shama KhannaMagnets addresses different identities in production, specifically in relation to others around us. Many of the works take physical props and real-time interactions as their points of focus; and we watch how these enhance dynamics of attraction, contradiction and confluence.

Narrative Reflections on Looking (1-3), Victoria Sin, 2017, 11 min, Colour, Digital
I Like Dreaming, Charles Lofton, 1994, 6 min Colour, Digital
Her Silent Seaming, Nazli Dinçel, 2014, 10'30 min, Colour, 16mm
Rhinoceros, Sebastian Buerkner, 2016, 3 min, Colour, Digital
Critical Practice, Rachal Bradley, 10 min, Public reading
Liberty Bums, Rachel Reupke, 2017, 3 min Colour, Digital
Ebi Flo (WEAREFAMILY), Evan Ifekoya, 2016, 4'26 min, Colour, Digital 

The Non-linear series imagines collaborative processes and erotic immersion in place of mounting egos, overpowering criticality and fantasy futures. These latter tropes can be read as symptoms of individualising structures of control which have come to involve media making mediums of its users. 

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