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26 February 2017: Global Heat Death


The story of this ongoing film project Everything's coming together while everything's falling apart may turn out to be a story of the beginning of the climate revolution, the moment when popular resistance began to reconfigure the world. The project follows the climate movement in its struggles to dismantle an economic system heavily dependent on fossil fuels. It records key events for the climate movement, bringing together many situations, contexts, voices and experiences. The first two events – there is one film for each – are the action during the COP21 summit in Paris in December 2015 and a blockade of a fossil fuel extraction site in Germany in May 2016. The project will continue with further episodes to be added as the struggle against a fossil fuel-dependent economy continues.

With the idyllic landscapes of Norway’s Lofoten archipelago as its background, Leave It in the Ground describes the climate crisis not as a technical and scientific problem, but as a political problem. The film discusses how ecological and humanitarian disasters caused through global warming might topple old orders and open up possibilities that could lead to long-term social and political transformations, both positive and negative.

Everything's coming together while everything's falling apart: COP21, 17 min, 2016, Colour, Digital
Everything's coming together while everything's falling apart: ENDE GELÄNDE, 12 min, 2016, Colour, Digital
Leave It in the Ground, 18 min, 2013, Colour, Digital

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