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26 February 2017: The Movement of the Squares


Take The Square is based on discussions conducted with activists from 15M in Madrid, the Syntagma Square movement in Athens and Occupy Wall Street in New York. Re-enacting the format of the working groups of the protest movements, four to six activists discuss with each other as a group in front of a camera. The discussions cover issues of organization, horizontal decision-making processes, the importance and function of occupying public spaces and how social change can occur. The films were shot in the spring of 2012 in those places used by the movements of the squares for meetings and working groups.

In the Red is a film about the Strike Debt group, an offshoot organization of Occupy Wall Street in New York City. Strike Debt initiates several activities to expose hidden mechanisms of financial capitalism. In the Red follows a group of Strike Debt activists over several weeks, engages in intimate conversations with the group revealing the collective decision-making processes.

Take The Square, Oliver Ressler, 2012, 89 min, Colour, Digital
In the Red, Oliver Ressler, Ana Pečar, 2014, 20 min, Colour, Digital

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