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1 - 5 July 2017: Paper Moon


Paper Moon
Peter Bogdanovich
1973 | 102 min | B/W | 35mm

"Ryan and Tatum O’Neal play a father-daughter con artist team traveling through the Depression-era Dust Bowl, fleecing widows and swindling shopkeepers, in this touching tragi-comedy. Shot in striking black and white by iconic cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs, Paper Moon pays distinct homage to the work of two of Bogdanovich’s heroes – John Ford in its rural American setting and Howard Hawks in its dark humor and cynical worldview. Deeply moving without straying into sentimentality – thanks in large part to Tatum O’Neal’s characterization of Addie as resolutely wise beyond her years – Paper Moon is a poignant highlight in Bogdanovich’s early career." – Harvard Film Archive

Part of our On the Road season