Close Up

31 August 2017: Peter Hutton's Haikus II


Drawing on the traditions of 19th-century landscape painting and still photography, Hutton's contemplative, meticulously composed films unfold as a series of tableaux seperated by black leader.

Lodz Symphony
Peter Hutton
1993 | 20 min | B/W | 16mm

A portrait of Lodz, Poland that exists in a timewarp of sad memory. Hutton creates an empty world evoking the 19th century industrial atmosphere that is populated with the ghosts of Poland's tragic past.

Study of a River
Peter Hutton
1997 | 16 min | B/W | 16mm

The first part of a seasonal portrait of the Hudson River. This section portrays observations of winter over a period of two years.

Peter Hutton
2004 | 33 min | Colour | 16mm

A film documenting the landscapes of northen Iceland, as well as a recent work about the Hudson River.