Close Up

10 March 2017: Signal Noise


Karel Doing presents a programme of films that explore the borders of the "readable image", fluctuating between havoc and absence. Patterns emerge out of disorder, and meaning is found in vacuum. The cinema screen provides a universe on its own, letting the viewer travel through space and time while visiting the outer borders of cognition.

Dust Poetry
Nan Wang
2014 l 9'12 min | Colour | Digital 

7000 frames of dust collected in the room of the filmmaker, and a sequence of small plants and insects picked up from the garden. Nan Wang is fascinated by the beauty of small abandoned physical materials, like dust, plants and insects, and she tries to imagine their memories and emotions. The recorded sounds of singing insects and wind rustling plants is used to evoke their language and poetry. The aim of this work is to use dust and sound as elements to construct another reality, and offer a counterpoint to our mediated, fragmented and noisy world.

Árvore Da Vida
Jacques Perconte
2013 | 11'06 min | Colour | Digital

Árvore Da Vida is the story of a tree in Madeira, a tree on the edge of the primary forest. In the beginning and at the end, there was colour: green. Monochrome, the movement of each of the branches and leaves will identify certain shades of matter and forms to be born. The tree appears. All dimensions of the image and music come alive and stir until they are indulged in appeasement. This is the cycle of a universe, an endless cycle. They are embodied in the tension that exists between the image and the music.

Transitus Angeli
Stewart Collinson & Andrea Szigetvári
2014 | 11'17 min | Colour | Digital 

Transitus Angeli, a piece of "sonic cinema", or "sonikinos" is an oppositional response to current reactionary tendencies and growing economic, social and political turbulence. Through systematic distortion and deconstruction, a synthesized bell-sound becomes transformed into a rough-music, charivari, scampanate, or katzenmusik, articulated and reinforced visually, synchretically, and synaesthetically by the agitated jitter of a visual field derived from digitized looped and sequenced hand-painted 16mm film. Is this the beating of wings or the frantic flapping of flags?

After, Before
Gareth Polmeer
2015 | 6'15 min | Colour | Digital

An experiment in pure colour and pixelation, exploring the fundamental dynamic between stillness and movement, and foregrounding its process and formation in the void between the frame's edge and the negative space between pixels. The title alludes to inter/intra frame encoding processes, where spatial and temporal information sampled from before and after constitutes an image's "nowness". Intervals or breaks of process become central to the work, where static elements of pixel and frame give way to motion and fluid forms. Shifts of colour engage further positive/negative space between projection/reflection, light/darkness and stillness/movement.

Wilderness Series
Karel Doing
2016 | 13'38 | Colour | Digital

By using plants, mud and salt in conjunction with alternative photochemistry, images are 'grown' on motion picture film. What in first instance is perceived as abstract turns out to be a concrete precipitation from phenomena that surround us in everyday life. The 'aliveness' of the images is underlined by Andrea Szigetvári's evocative sound-design.