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31 October 2017: Susu Laroche: Chaos Lure Us Chaos Rule Us


Susu Laroche presents the Halloween launch of her produced tarot deck. Made-to-order, bound unique and signed by the artist, we are pleased to have Laroche in attendance to present the most complete selection of her film work to date, and a professional tarot reader to guide audience members inwards, outwards, onwards.

“Born and raised in London and of Egyptian and French descent, Susu Laroche became an acolyte of analogue film after first discovering her father's steel cased cameras as a child, later experimenting with film following her studies of Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. Ominous in their beauty, her works depict an archaic realm where cult-like ceremonial scenes and haunting figures cast shadows on a world built upon by Susu's imagination. Inspired by the likes of writers J.G.Ballard, Georges Bataille and filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Susu's practice alludes to a rebellion against the orthodox, refusal for convention and a dedication to seeking and celebrating these qualities in the world around her.” – Sarah Roselle

V, Susu Laroche, 2010, 1 min, Tinted, Digital
Dread Majesty, Susu Laroche, 2010, 2’15 min, Tinted, Digital
5354, Susu Laroche, 2013, 2’31 min, Tinted, Digital
Byrne, Susu Laroche, 2013, 2’15 min, B/W, Digital
Immanentize the Eschaton, Susu Laroche, 2014, 3’34 min, B/W, Digital
17:17, Susu Laroche, 2015, 1’44 min, B/W, Digital
Widows, Susu Laroche, 2016, 3’15 min, B/W, Digital
Flood, Susu Laroche, 2016, 4’06 min, B/W, Digital
Tzars of Eros, Susu Laroche, 2016, 1’40 min, B/W, Digital
Quatic Menac, Susu Laroche, 2016, 2’31 min, B/W, Digital
Sagas Romp, Sparagmos, Susu Laroche, 2017, 3’38 min, B/W, Digital
Body of Work, Susu Laroche, 2017, 2’15 min, B/W, Digital

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