Close Up

6 February 2017: The Writerly


University of East London Moving Image Research Centre presents a programme of short films and sound works by contemporary artists foregrounding notions of communication and dialogue across different media, spaces and times. A Q&A with the artists will follow the screening.

Have You Forgotten Me Mr. Haynes?
Orla Ryan
2016 | 11 min | B/W | Digital

Have You Forgotten Me Mr. Haynes? is a film essay combining early serial queen melodramas and documentary footage of Dublin, Cork and Wexford (Mitchell and Kenyon) imaging intertextual links with the  revolutionary women couriers of 1916 in Ireland and popular culture at that time. The film is part of a larger creative research collaboration Stormy Petrel/Guairdeall.

Best City in the World – Looking after Belfast (Raymond’s Loss)
Sharone Lifschitz
2014/15 | 19'36 min | Colour | Digital
In early April 2010 the artist placed an advertisement in several Northern Irish newspapers: "Israeli woman visiting Belfast would like to meet people for advice about sharing a country." One respondent was Raymond McCord, a Protestant, whose son was murdered by members of a Protestant militia during the conflict in Northern Ireland. A year after their initial meetings McCord took the artist in his car to see the locations where his story is played out. (Part of Advice about Sharing a Country, an on-going project begun in 2010.)

Digging Deeper
Teresa Duran
2016 | 11'10 min | Colour | Digital

Teresa Duran’s film explores the issues concerning the disappeared of the Spanish Civil War through the work of a team of archaeologists who are trying to recover the remains of victims executed in Guadalajara.

The Interpreters
Johannes Maier
2009 | 22 min | Colour | Digital

No conference took place on that day in the European Commission in Brussels when 12 interpreters met to interpret each other. The short film is a document of the event.

Under the Influence
Tanya Moulson
2015 | 2 min | Colour | Digital

Based on an Aldous Huxley interview discussing Brave New World and Doors of Perception, this film explores the medium of film and light in the play of perception and authenticity.

Octo: Sotto Voce
David Chapman
2009 | 11'14 min | Digital

Binaural stereo documentation of 8-channel audio installation for the Chapter House, York Minster.

The whispered voice might deliver a quiet prayer, convey a respectful tone or make an irreverent aside and is characteristic of speech not intended for public dissemination. Utilising the highly reverberant acoustics of the Octagonal Chapter House, in Octo: Sotto Voce whispered words loose their semantic sense - they are just sounds, although sounds that suggest meaning through performance, context and tone.