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1 April 2017: Censor Must Die


Censor Must Die
Ing K
2013 | 150 min | Colour | Digital

"When their film Shakespeare Must Die is banned by the Thai Censorship Board, Ing K and her producer, acclaimed visual artist Manit Sriwanichpoom, don’t take the verdict lying down. Censor Must Die is the chronicle of their seemingly never ending struggle to repeal the ban, waiting in the anterooms of power while judgement is passed behind closed doors. Turns out the reasoning behind the verdict is as labyrinthine and intransparent as the increasingly Kafkaesque government architectures traversed by the two intrepid filmmakers. Curiously, Censor Must Die was itself exempt from the censorship process since, as the ruling went, it was "made from events that really happened." – Nikolaus Perneczky



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