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2 April 2017: Citizen Juling


Citizen Juling
Ing K, Kraisak Choonhavan & Manit Sriwanichpoom
2008 | 222 min | Colour | Digital

"Ostensibly a documentary about the fatal beating of Juling Pongkanmul, a young and idealistic Buddhist teacher, by an enraged mob in the Muslim-majority South of Thailand, Citizen Juling attends to the wider political circumstances and repercussions of this much-reported event. From encounters with the local population emerges a many-voiced conversation about divisions within contemporary Thai society. Eventually explanations are attempted and judgement is meted out by Ing K and her fellow travellers – but what the film leaves us with, outweighing their necessarily incomplete efforts, is a deep, interdenominational sense of grief." – Nikolaus Perneczky

Part of our season on Ing K