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7 - 8 July 2018: Aperture: Asia & Pacific Film Festival


Aperture: Asia & Pacific Film Festival is a new UK-wide film festival dedicated to screening some of the boldest, most daring, challenging, and striking films from the Asian and Pacific regions. The festival focuses particularly on underrepresented cinemas, from Azerbaijan to Vanuatu and everything in between, opening windows on a world whose landscapes and peoples remain largely absent from our screens.

Co-founded and co-directed by Sonali Joshi and Jasper Sharp, Aperture launched in Glasgow in the Spring and tours across the UK during Summer and Autumn 2018.

Zaza Khalvashi
2017 | 91 min | Colour | Digital
Georgian with English subtitles
Introduced by Sonali Joshi

UK Premiere. A contemporary fable about a young woman entrusted to take over the family tradition of healing villagers with water from a local spring, while in the background environmental issues are at stake with the construction of a hydroelectric power station. read more

Sabit Kurmanbekov
2017 | 95 min | Colour | Digital
Kazakh with English subtitles
Introduced by Jasper Sharp

UK Premiere. The trials and tribulations of a Kazakh family who, having migrated to Afghanistan, attempt to return to their homeland. read more

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