Close Up

6 July 2018: The Liberated Film Club book launch & screening


A produced anti-curation by "keeper of the sacred flame" Stanley Schtinter, celebrating the third birthday of Close-Up Cinema and launching the first book of Liberated Film scratch cards. In association with Hotel magazine.

Slow Delay, Therese Henningsen, 2018, 16 min, Colour, Digital
Cancelled, Samira Elagoz, 2016, 2'30 min, Colour, Digital
Last Fucking Rave, Adam Christensen, 2015, 11’54 min, Colour, Digital
Fragments, Museum of Loneliness, 2010, 15 min, Colour, Digital
Flood / 17:17 / Widows, Susu Laroche, 2017, 7 min, B/W, Digital
The Lost Princess, Margarita Athanasiou, 2018, 11 min, Colour, Digital
Happy Happy Baby, Jan Soldat, 2017, 20 min, Colour, Digital

YouTube abeyances between films by Dan Walwin

In 2016, Stanley Schtinter's visionary and antagonistic approach to film programming found its apex in The Liberated Film Club, a month-long season of mystery films amassed from his extensive archive of lost and suppressed cinema.

The Liberated Film Club was held to celebrate Close-Up Cinema's first birthday, an anniversary that fell in the days following Britain's vote to leave the EU. The Liberated Film Club became an important forum for fellow travellers to zone out and zoom in; to talk and love and explore futures past and present. Attendees did not know the film screening on any given night and nor did the guests invited to introduce each film: John Akomfrah spoke about hope; Ben Rivers spoke about serious drinking; Tony Grisoni spoke about Technicolor blue and Gideon Koppel made mayonnaise. These introductions and many more are published in the first book on Liberated Film, launching this evening.

Included also are Schtinter's infamous "Interruptions From The Man At The Next Table", introductions to the introductions (or sing-a-long-a-stick-the-knife-in-to-your-staid-and-stolid-curation-and-its-deceptual-source) which were sent each day from an absolute shithole in Paris.

An A0 sized scratch card portrait of the curator (nude) will also be available to purchase with the book marking this event.

Unlike the 2016 edition, this selection of liberated films are available, short in form, titled and assigned to their authors.

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