Close Up

31 December 2018: Close-Up New Year's Eve: The Last Movie


"One of the craziest (and druggiest) movies ever made, it's also blatantly self-deconstructing and meta to the max" – J. Hoberman

We’re thrilled to mark the last day of the year with Dennis Hopper’s radical, much-mythologised lost masterpiece The Last Movie – widely unseen for nearly 50 years. Join us in the bar to celebrate in the good company of film, drinks and music until late.

The Last Movie
Dennis Hopper
1971 | 108 min | Colour | Digital
New 4K Restoration

"Dennis Hopper’s little-seen follow-up to the epochal hit Easy Rider is one of cinema’s legendary films maudits. Given carte blanche and a large budget by Universal Pictures, the actor-director took a film crew and a cast of pals – including Kris Kristofferson, Peter Fonda, Michelle Phillips, and Samuel Fuller – off to Peru, where they made this radically self-reflexive New Wave wonder, the acid-trip tale of a Hollywood company shooting a Western in the Andes. Hopper plays stuntman Kansas, who becomes caught up in the local indigenous community’s alarming new religious rituals. Rebel Without a Cause screenwriter Stewart Stern co-wrote the script. Hopper described the film’s production as “one long sex-and-drugs orgy.” The unconventional narrative structure suggests a director under the thrall of both psychedelics and Godard. The film bombed at the box office, derailing Hopper’s directorial career. He remained convinced it was his masterpiece." – The Cinematheque