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2 - 11 February 2018: Benny’s Video


Benny’s Video
Michael Haneke
1992 | 115 min | Colour | 35mm

The centrepiece in Haneke’s acclaimed trilogy on actual incidents of unexplained violence, the film tells the chilling story of a teenage boy who videotapes every aspect of his life. As he becomes desensitised to violent televisual imagery, his impulses become fatal in this refreshingly un-sensational portrait of homicidal urges. Arno Frisch plays the 14 year-old Benny, who brings a girl home to his parents' empty apartment where he commits a shocking act of casual violence. As with his later Funny Games, Haneke poses provocative and challenging questions about voyeurism and violence.

Part of the Glaciation Trilogy, screening as part of our Michael Haneke retrospective