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24 January 2018: Othello


Orson Welles
1952 | 91 min | B/W | Digital

“Following his innovative adaptation of Macbeth, Welles' Othello suffered from delays and budget problems from the first day. As with Macbeth, the director’s genius and resourcefulness transformed obstacles into opportunities, such as the celebrated fight scene staged in a steamy Turkish bath after the production’s costumes failed to arrive. While Welles' cosmetic dark skin has contributed to the film's general neglect, he gives one of his finest performances, conjuring a genuinely moving Othello who is deeply tormented by love and jealousy. Despite garnering the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1952, Othello remained virtually impossible to see until a wonderful 1992 restoration made new prints available.” – Harvard Film Archive

Part of our Orson Welles retrospective