Close Up

1 - 10 December 2018: The Rite


The Rite

Ingmar Bergman
1969 | 72 min | B/W | Digital
Swedish with English subtitles

The Rite is one of Bergman’s most stylised and political films. A Kafkaesque chamber drama originally written for the stage, this production was made for TV so that Bergman and his crew could utilise extensive closeups of the performers’ faces against minimalist set decor. Three itinerant actors, played by Bergman regulars Ingrid Thulin, Gunnar Björnstrand, and Anders Ek, are accused of taking part in a performance deemed pornographic by the state’s authorities. Taut, bold, and dark, The Rite confronts artistic censorship while also investigating central Bergman themes such as sexual violence and the nature of performance.

Part of our season on Ingmar Bergman