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22 September 2018: JAEFF: Youthquake


Countercultural new wave cinema from the 60s and 70s comes face-to-face with new experimental films in the Japanese Avant-Garde and Experimental Film Festival’s (JAEFF) investigation of youth and protest in Japan. Expect drag queens, surreal rock musicals, juvenile delinquents, street performance artists uprisings, and astonishing innovation at JAEFF 2018.

Programme 1: Forest of Oppression

Forest of Oppression, Shinsuke Ogawa 1967, 105 min, B/W, Digital

Shinsuke Ogawa’s astonishing documentary takes the audience behind the barricades and into the heat of running battles with riot police in this chronicle of the student occupation movement in 1967 Japan at the Takasaki City University of Economics. Introduced by Ricardo Matos Caboread more

Programme 2: Diary of a Shinjuku Thief

Desktop Treasure, UMMMI, 2014, 9 min, Colour, Digital
Diary of a Shinjuku Thief, Nagisa Oshima, 1968, 96 min, B/W, 35mm

Nagisa Oshima weaves a tale of ideological book thievery, situationist performance, fantasy Noh theatre productions, sexual revolution, and personal liberation in this Art Theatre Guild classic. Paired here with Ummmi’s Desktop Treasure, a film which attempts to go beyond borders through mixing up personal areas of the Internet by bringing out online and analogue records, personal spaces lived in by the actor, old blogs and e-mail log in screens, and mixed video footages of various qualities. read more

Organised by the Japanese Avant-Garde and Experimental Film Festival in partnership with the Japan Foundation

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