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8 November 2018: From the Pole to the Equator


"Like tuning into the television of some alternate universe. Seldom has the imperial nature of photography been more frankly acknowledged. The cameraman is transparently the great white (image) hunter." – J. Hoberman

Introduced by curatorial archivist and writer Kristina Tarasova.

From the Pole to the Equator
Angela Ricci Lucchi & Yervant Gianikian
1987 | 97 min | Colour | 16mm

In their first film to gain international acclaim International acclaim Italian avant-garde filmmakers Angela Ricci Lucchi and Yervant Gianikian re-edit footage shot in the 1910s by Luca Comerio, the official documentarian to the Italian Royal Family. Altering Comerio's footage of Africa, the South Pole and World War I, Ricci Lucchi and Gianikian tease out the ideology written upon and between every image: In Gianikian's words “the violence of colonialism as it plays itself out in different situations and spheres.”

Part of Francesco Maria Carreri's programme, Never Found: Alternate Histories of the 20th Century