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22 November 2018: November Film Festival Programme 2


Morgan Quaintance and Ed Webb-Ingall will be present for a Q&A.

Another Decade
Morgan Quaintance
2018 | 26 min | Colour | Digital

Another Decade combines archive and found footage from the 1990s, with recently shot 16mm film and standard definition video. Focusing on testimonies and statements made by artists, theorists and cultural producers that are still pertinent over two decades later, the video’s production was propelled by a sense that very little socio-cultural or institutional change has taken place in the United Kingdom. While recent attention paid to the '90s casts a largely apolitical view over the decade, the work seeks to exhume evidence buried in the shallow grave of cultural amnesia, of another, more political, more iconoclastic, and more confrontational decade. A decade that promised a future still yet to arrive.

We Have Rather Been Invaded
Ed Webb-Ingall
2017 | 45 min | Colour | Digital

We Have Rather Been Invaded draws on community video methodologies from the 1970s and 1980s to look at the impact and legacy of Section 28 and the direct action protests that preceded it, including the "lesbian invasion" of the BBC six o'clock news in 1988. Comprised of a roundtable discussion with activists and educators interspersed with archival materials, the video examines the role of activism and our understanding of this piece of legislation that prohibited local authorities and state schools in the UK from promoting homosexuality.

Total runtime: 66 min

Part of November Film Festival