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23 November 2018: November Film Festival Programme 4


Rita Macedo, Michelle Williams Gamaker and Jamie Jenkinson will be present for a Q&A.

This Particular Nowhere
Rita Macedo
2015 | 9 min | Colour | Digital
London premiere 

A head on a screen. Like a planet it moves through the void of space. It speaks. The words we hear seem to refer to the auditorium as well as to our contemplation of what is happening on the screen. In the vastness of space meanings open up and we soon find ourselves musing about undefinable conceptions of “beginnings”, “heres” and “nows”.

House of Women
Michelle Williams Gamaker
2017 | 14 min | Colour | Digital

For the character of Kanchi in Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s 1947 film drama Black Narcissus, a nationwide audition was conducted. The coveted role went to young actress Jean Simmons. To fulfil it, she had to wear dark make-up and a jewel in her nose to become the “exotic temptress” of Rumer Godden’s novel. By auditioning only Indian expat and first-generation British Asian women living in London, Michelle Williams Gamaker recast a Kanchi for the 21st century, who speaks. 

I found manna and I ate it
Sophie Lee
2018 | 10 min | Colour | Digital
World festival premiere

Using a combination of HD video and iPhone footage the work centres loosely around the figure of Hildegard von Bingen, the medieval abbess and mystic. A series of tableaux vivants depicting Hildegard and her cohorts is intercut with footage of a night out in London, in which we follow a group of female friends as an evening unravels. The work investigates ideas around desire and female sociality, as well as the connections between music, spirituality and states of ecstasy.

Life After Love
Zachary Epcar
2018 | 8 min | Colour | Digital
UK premiere 

A shifting of the light in the lot, where parked cars become containers for a collective estrangement.

Heterosexual Love Story
Jaakko Pallasvuo
2018 | 8 min | Colour | Digital
UK premiere

The filmmaker tiredly narrates a stereotypical, imagined encounter between a man and woman, abroad two different ships passing each other in the night.

See a Dog, Hear a Dog
Jesse McLean
2016 | 17 min | Colour | Digital
UK premiere 

“With YouTube dog videos, chatbot dialogue windows, and iTunes visualizer among other sources, See a Dog, Hear a Dog – McLean’s latest analytic tragicomedy of infinite human desire and finite technological capacity – considers the deficits and surpluses produced by attempts at communication among humans, animals, and machines; both directly and as mediated by one another.” – Colin Beckett

We don't know how we don't know where
Jamie Jenkinson
2018 | 5 min | Colour | Digital
World festival premiere

The video is from the after party of an LCD Soundsystem gig. I was there as Phil Goss’ plus one (he’d gotten to know the keyboard player through a mutual interest in canal boats). I started the recording while Phil queued up for drinks, finishing when he returned with beers. Shortly afterwards we were taken to (yet another) “VIP” area, with free drinks and no queues. Felt a bit un-cool for using the regular bar, again, but if we hadn’t, I’d never have woken up to this video, so guess it was for the best. Cheers Korey.

Total runtime: 71 min

Part of November Film Festival