Close Up

3 - 13 October 2018: Gabbeh


Mohsen Makhmalbaf
1996 | 75 min | Colour | Digital
Persian with English subtitles

“The characters of a colorful Persian carpet come alive in Makhmalbaf’s tribute to the art and beauty of Iranian gabbeh (carpet) weaving. Originally conceived as a documentary on the nomads who wove their own lives into their works, the film expanded into a fictionalized love story poised between fantasy, folklore, and reality, beginning as a young woman steps out of an elderly couple’s gabbeh with a tale of love and passion to share. Set among the clear streams and picturesque forests of the region, the magical Gabbeh serves as a hymn to an entire culture and its crafts and traditions.” – Jason Sanders

Part of Mohsen Makhmalbaf's Poetic Trilogy