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17 December 2018: Sick Monday: Reflections of Evil


Sick Monday presents six newly commissioned short video works followed by Damon Packard’s underground masterpiece Reflections of Evil. Responding to this feature, artists showing new works include Liam Scully, Ada Wesolowska, Jason File, Laure Prouvost, Ben Rivers and Paul McCarthy, this series celebrates the “video nasty” horror genre, its influence on contemporary video artists, and its overlooked critical capacity to express social truths in an exuberant style.

Sick Monday is a film programme curated by artists, Dean Kenning, Vanessa Scully & Liam Scully, commissioning radical new moving image works by a range of visual artists. Reflections of Evil is curated by Liam Scully, the third in a trilogy of programmes by Sick Monday.

Reflections of Evil
Damon Packard
2002 | USA | 138 min | Colour | Digital

"Damon Packard, Hollywood’s enfant terrible writes, directs and stars in Reflections of Evil, a film that is truly in a class of its own. Packard plays Bob, an obese sugar addicted, asthmatic watch-seller, struggling to breath in the stifling heat of Los Angeles. Bob is an entrepreneur who sells watches, yet Bob only ever makes enough to restock; bad business sense leads to rejection, which leads to frustration, which leads to hatred, which leads to expulsion of body fluids, hallucination, 1970’s Steven Spielberg and time travel, escalating into a finale that is uniquely Damon Packard. The legendary Tony Curtis narrates." – Liam Scully