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29 October 2018: Sick Monday: Society


Sick Monday presents six newly commissioned short video works followed by Brian Yuzna's cult classic Society. Featuring new works by Anita Delaney, Anne Kathrine Bindesbøll & Ava Fersi, Dave Burrows, Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler, Birgit Ludwig, and Vanessa Scully, this series celebrates the “video nasty” horror genre, its influence on contemporary video artists, and its overlooked critical capacity to express social truths in an exuberant style.

Society is curated by Vanessa Scully, the second in a series of three programmes for Sick Monday.

Brian Yuzna
1989 | 99 min | Colour | Digital

Brian Yuzna’s Society is not a straight teen horror genre film. Taking inspiration from Salvador Dali’s modern masterpiece “The Great Masturbator”, Society is a “coming of age” film centred around teenager Billy Whitney. From the exterior Billy has the world at his feet. Born with brawn, brains and beauty, Billy is a keen debater and footballer, exhibiting both athletic and academic attributes. He has the credentials to do well in society, so what’s keeping Billy up at night? Why the Paranoid Delusions?” – Vanessa Scully

Sick Monday is curated by Dean Kenning, Liam Scully and Vanessa Scully. It is supported by Arts Council England.