Close Up

4 December 2018: Calendar


Atom Egoyan
1993 | 73min | Colour | Digital
Introduced by Jonathan Romney

"A photographer travels to Armenia to capture images of churches for a calendar shoot, accompanied by his wife, who speaks the language. While there, he sees her grow closer and closer to their local guide, as he watches from afar, always behind the camera and out of view. Later, at home in Toronto, he engages in a series of strange, ritualistic dates with women with some connection, direct or strained, with the country he just left. A richly textured and structurally playful film, this inventive transitional work by Atom Egoyan consistently remains in the shadow of his The Adjuster and Exotica, the two more acclaimed films it sits sandwiched between, but stands on its own as one of the director’s most unique and memorable outings." – Andrew Gutman

Part of Andrew Gutman's programme, Up North & Underground: Canadian Alternative Film.