Close Up

31 December 2019: Close-Up New Year's Eve: Short Attention Span Cinema

For a Filmic New Year's Eve celebration, join us for an evening of Short Attention Span Cinema with the truly eclectic 16mm films from David Leister’s Kino Club Archives. The selection will be chosen from the collection and projected continually without rhyme, reason or theme from 8.30 pm on the night.

Choice of films range from quirky educational films, surreal instructional films, and amateur films, which will be peppered with rare cinebox music films and commercials. The projectionist reserves the right to interrupt any film with another film, and also to pass inspired comments from the booth at any point during the film. There will also be a raffle where lucky winners can take home a specially chosen super boring 16mm film from the bottom of the library pile.

Projections will continue until the stroke of midnight, with drinks, music and dancing in the bar until late. We will operate a "half-light" scheme in the cinema where viewers are allowed leave at any point during a film… as long as they come back later with a drink in hand! So come along and adjust your 2020 vision to 4:3 format... it’s going to be a splicey ride on the night!