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23 January 2019: The Broad Way


The Broad Way
Valentin Vaala, 1931, 96 min
Finnish with English subtitles

"[The Broad Way] was the third film by Valentin Vaala and his leading actor, budding director Teuvo Tulio: two young cosmopolitans with a great passion for cinema. Vaala loved Lubitsch, while Tulio was called the Finnish Valentino. The title of the film refers to the Sermon on the Mount: "The path is wide, which leads to damnation." Vaala designs a cinema of beautiful surfaces: fast cars, elegant costumes, neon lights and jazz. Some interiors seem to be just painted backgrounds, reinforcing the impression of the superficiality of the protagonist's ideals: Lardozzo, a playboy, which is irresistible to women and is both a violin virtuoso and a ski jumping master. He is spoiled by success, but on Christmas Eve he has to face his inner emptiness." – Vienna Filmmuseum

Part of Antti Alanen and Ehsan Khoshbakht's Masterpieces of Finnish Cinema season

With thanks to Ehsan Khoshbakht, Antti Alanen, The Finnish Finnish Institute London and KAVI for making this programme possible.

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