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7 - 8 December 2019: Edge of Frame at LIAF 2019

We're thrilled to welcome Edge of Frame back for four programmes of experimental animation for London International Animation Festival (LIAF) 2019.

Programme 1: Brushwork: The Painted Animation

The first of four Edge of Frame programmes curated by Edwin Rostron for London International Animation Festival focuses on a fascinating subset of experimental animation – the painted animation. It features a varied range of approaches to making this unruly substance move, including painting on glass, on canvas and on photographs, cut-out paintings on paper, painting with the body and more. The selection celebrates the fundamentally hybrid nature of animation, colliding and combining quite different mediums, in this case paint and film, to generate new and unexpected possibilities. Featuring narrative and abstract work, studio experiments and emotional landscapes, each film creates its own unique world borne out of paint and its material qualities. read more

Featuring work by Vicky Smith, Allison Schulnik, Clive Walley, Lizzy Hobbs, Jennifer Levonian, Elena Duque, Clive Walley, Petra Freeman, Jane Cheadle, Matt Bollinger, and Dóra Keresztes. Introduced by Edwin Rostron. A Q&A with some of the artists will follow the screening.

Programme 2: Memento Stella

"Memento Stella is an original phrase I coined to remind me to "never forget that we too reside among the stars," as well as the title of a project I started in the winter of 2016. For several years I’ve travelled the world, screening my work. And throughout this dark, sad world, amid war and terrorism, countless lives lost to natural cataclysms caused by humans, there hasn’t been a single day that death hasn’t been in my thoughts. At the same time, I do realise that it is not only death that binds us. We are also born and raised and living on this little planet, among the stars. I pursue my work with the idea that if each day, we might be conscious of this truth for even a moment, then maybe perhaps somewhere deep in our hearts, we might find shared artistic expressions, keys to a place beyond the religions, politics, borders, languages, and personal desires which tear us apart." read more

Introduced by Oliver Wright.

Programme 3: Surface Memory

Five recent works at the intersection of animation, artists’ moving image and experimental film. Each of these films shares a concern with ideas of the surface in relation to the moving image, from the film negative to the computer screen, though each approaches the theme in markedly different ways. Covering considerable ground both geographically and formally, the works utilise film (Super8, 16mm and 35mm) and digital formats, often combining elements of the two to captivating effect. Beyond their often quite startling formal qualities these works delve into rich personal and social histories, spiritual quests and conceptual enquiries. From Hackney to Hong Kong, and from entrancing flicker to meditative spaces, these works offer a dynamic vision of contemporary practice. read more

Featuring work by Simon Liu, Richard Forbes-Hamilton, Karissa Hahn, Frances Scott, and Dirk de Bruyn. Introduced by Edwin Rostron. A Q&A with some of the artists will follow the screening.

Programme 4: Potamkin

"What happened to Potamkin?" In 1933, at age 33, Harry Alan Potamkin died of complications related to starvation, at a time when he was one of the world's most respected film critics. In his writings, he advocated for a cinema that would simultaneously embrace the fractures and polyphony of modern life and the equitable social vision of left radical politics. This film-biography is assembled out of distorted fragments of films on which he had written, an impression of erupting consciousness. read more

Introduced by Ben Nicholson