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25 April 2019: Filmarmalade: Doozy


Richard Squires, 2018, 70 min

Doozy is the debut feature from artist-filmmaker Richard Squires. Part creative documentary, part essay film, it uses animated antihero "Clovis" (voiced by Kids in the Hall comedian Mark McKinney) as a means to explore the 1960s voice casting of actor Paul Lynde as a series of Hanna-Barbera villains. Through the lens of one of Hollywood’s hidden queer histories, Doozy contemplates cartoon villainy and hysterical masculinity; the use of voice to signify "otherness" and the frequently uneasy relationship between character and actor. Mixing original animation, re-enactment, archive and expert testimony, this is quite simply a "doozy" of a film experience.

Producer Abigail Addison will host a post-screening discussion with filmmaker Richard Squires and Doozy participant, neurologist and laughter researcher Dr Sophie Scott.

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