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15 October 2019: Sleep Has Her House


Sleep Has Her House, Scott Barley, 2017, 90 min
What Happens to The Mountain, Christin Turner, 2017, 10 min
Scene 13 - The Crow, Clara Pais and Daniel Fawcett, 2017, 10 min

"Something takes over the forest as dusk settles in, the animals are astir, the wind howls with intent…

Sleep Has Her House is a collision with the tenebrous and unknowable of the natural world. It’s an experimental film set deep within the blackest of forests: an eerie location that makes Antichrist’s cabin in the woods look like a top holiday destination. Sparing both human characters and conventional narrative, director Scott Barley fuses live action and photography (both shot on his iPhone 6) with his own paintings, which creates ethereal images that remain still but undulate with a ghostly energy. Creeping from Slow Cinema’s stillness into utter chaos, Barley has crafted a horror of the elements that’s entirely severed from genre. 

Sleep has Her House will be preceded by two short films that also have sublime confrontations with the incommensurate, be it a gargantuan rock face or the maddening abyss of VHS static – Christin Turner’s What Happens to The Mountain and Daniel Fawcett and Clara PaisScene 13 - The Crow, respectively." – Ben Driscoll

Part of Ben Driscoll's Live Cultures programme