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24 February 2019: Lost Futures: Let the Summer Never Come Again


"Love has no end – a story always has. You will now see: a lovestory."

Let The Summer Never Come Again
Alexandre Koberidze, 2017, 202 min
Georgian with English subtitles

A young man leaves his village to audition for a dance company in town. He starts getting involved in illegal activities. He goes to bed with men for money. He falls in love with a man. He starts performing with a dance company. So begins Georgian filmmaker Alexandre Koberidze’s first feature Let The Summer Never Come Again, and before long what may seem like a fairly straightforward film proves itself to be a source of frequent wonders. Filmed entirely on a Sony Ericsson W595 yet offering no shortage of visual splendour, it is a work of consistent ingenuity and continual surprise, an experimental, three-hour-plus piece of pixel-impressionism that references cinema’s silent era whilst forging forward with the creation of its own language. Roads wind, the city glimmers, trees tremble in the wind, and cats, dogs and people come and pass by Koberidze’s camera, life unravelling in a series of bold gestures and broad brushstrokes. A prize winner at FIDMarseille and Berlinale, Koberidze’s film is many things: a classical romance; a city symphony; and a road movie rolled into one.

Let The Summer Never Come Again will be preceded by five minutes of short film "love streams" made by filmmakers affiliated with Kinet Media including Isiah Medina, Kelley Dong, Michelle Yoon, Miguel Mantecon and Dylan Tachick. Kinet is a virtual studio dedicated to the production and dissemination of new and boundary pushing avant-garde cinema.

Presented by LOST FUTURES, in partnership with Kinet Media