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14 December 2019: Warsaw Bridge


The Liberated Film Club's curator, Winstanley Schtinter, presents two films by Pere Portabella: Plan Hidrológico Nacional and Pont De Varsòvia.

Plan Hidrológico Nacional
Pere Portabella, 2004, 3 min

This film is part of the full-length feature called Hay Motivo, made up of 32 shorts directed by Spanish directors and actors protesting against the policies of the Partido Popular just before the 2004 general elections. In Portabella’s piece the physics professor, Pedro Arrojo, impresses the need for a new water culture.

Pont De Varsòvia
Pere Portabella, 1989, 84 min

Behind the frivolous facade of life in a happy Europe lies the tension of broken memories and personal and historical cataclysms. As the Berlin wall falls, so too does the bridge of Warsaw constituting the film’s title, a link shattered and fragmented in a European landscape haunted by the dark imagine of history.

Part of the Liberated Film Club's retrospective on Pere Portabella

Winstanley Schtinter is the curator of the Liberated Film Club, artist and filmmaker.

"A Worm’s Tail View is Often the True One: Films by Pere Portabella", curated and produced by the Liberated Film Club, is the most complete, ambitious and creative survey of the radical Catalan filmmaker Portabella's work ever to have taken place. Close-Up is proud to act as headquarters and locus for this London-wide survey, taking place over four months at venues including ICA, Whitechapel Gallery, Cafe Oto and the University of Cambridge.

With thanks to the kind support of Institut Ramon Llull and Films 59.

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