Close Up

21 January 2020: Pere Portabella Short Films


We’re pleased to present a selection of Pere Portabella’s short films, most of which were made in collaboration with Joan Miró.

Aidez L’espagne, Pere Portabella, 1969, 5 min
Miró L’altre, Pere Portabella, 1969, 15 min
Premios Nacionales, Pere Portabella, 1969, 5 min
Miró Forja, Pere Portabella, 1973, 24 min
Miró Tapis, Pere Portabella, 1973, 22 min
Art A Catalunya, Pere Portabella, 1992, 31 min
La Tempesta, Pere Portabella, 2003, 6 min

Total runtime ca 109 min

Part of the Liberated Film Club's retrospective on Pere Portabella

"A Worm’s Tail View is Often the True One: Films by Pere Portabella", curated and produced by the Liberated Film Club, is the most complete, ambitious and creative survey of the radical Catalan filmmaker Portabella's work ever to have taken place. Close-Up is proud to act as headquarters and locus for this London-wide survey, taking place over four months at venues including ICA, Whitechapel Gallery, Cafe Oto and the University of Cambridge.

With thanks to the kind support of Institut Ramon Llull and Films 59.

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BOX OFFICE (12:00 - 23.30): 02037847970 - All films are ad-free and 18+ unless otherwise stated.