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24 November - 3 December 2019: The State I Am In


The State I Am In
Christian Petzold, 2000, 106 min, 35mm
German & Portuguese with English subtitles

"With The State I Am In, Petzold definitively emerged as one of contemporary German cinema’s masters – and one of the preeminent chroniclers of the nation’s recent history. What at first seems a normal bourgeois European family on vacation is soon revealed to be something far more complex: the couple are former Red Army Faction operatives, on the run since the 1970s. In tow is their rebellious teenage daughter, who hungers for a normal life of boys, cigarettes, and pop music. Perpetually on the lam in a modern Europe that has all but forgotten them, the family finds its old dreams of a revolutionary future fading in the bright glare of the present."  Film at Lincoln Center

Presented in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut.


Part of our season on Rainer Werner Fassbinder