Close Up

24 September 2019: Ghosts of Landscapes Present


Stonebridge Park, Patrick Keiller, 1981, 20 min, 16mm
Born Winged Animals and Honey Gatherers of the Soul, Emily Wardill, 2005, 9 min, 16mm
Breath, William Raban, 1974, 15 min, 16mm
Mile End Purgatorio, Guy Sherwin & Martin Doyle, 1991, 1 min, 16mm
Hackney Marshes November 4th 1977, John Smith, 1977, 15 min, 16mm
Norwood, Patrick Keiller, 1983, 26 min, 16mm

"This programme of beautiful 16mm shorts provides some little seen works by psychogeographic heavyweights such as Patrick Keiller and John Smith. Enter a world filled with dancing buildings, eerie church bells, and walking games galore. Ghosts of Landscapes Present looks into past and present uses of formal fun to characterise and often change our perceptions of familiar landscapes." – Joel Whitaker

Total Runtime: ca 86 min

Part of Ringroads: Playfulness in British Psychogeography, curated by Joel Whitaker